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10 Most Poisonous Foods in the World

You must have been told many a time not to eat certain types of food as they are not good for your health and can cause harm, but you still eat them and may have just experienced weight gain, a few pimples, and problems like diabetes. But do you know there are also certain foods, which if not made the right way, can make you fall very sick or may even kill you just with one single serving? Yes, such foods do exist and we shall learn about 10 of them right away.


10. Bitter almonds

Almonds that are actually not nuts but seeds are full of health benefits and this is something all of us know. However, there are some people who instead of opting for sweet almonds prefer bitter almonds because of them being richer in flavor. But do you know these bitter almonds contain cyanide? It is very important for them to be processed so as to remove the poison, or else they can prove to be fatal.


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