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US Blogger Starts Valentine’s Day Fundraiser for South African Community

Maubane is home to an entire community of women who are parents to kids other than theirs but “still have all the same hopes, dreams and fears that we do.“ As a native South African 

whose parents adopted her and her three siblings from Muabane, Baker declares that her dedication to the project is about more than just helping, it is personal. The story of her parents’ adoption compelled her to write a book, “Surprised by Motherhood,” that is set to be released in April. The book aims at bringing people to join the project as well as helping the needy, because to her, “there is no such thing as being ‘just a mom’, especially to those who do not have one.”


Lisa’s History

This is the first time that she has embarked on a project that requires such large funds, however, last fall, Baker was able to raise $5,000 through her blog to help sponsor the water point and laundry center that serve at the heart of the Maubane community. She did this within 12 hours as word was able to go far and wide through the help of her blog. On another occasion, she successfully gathered $1,000 to help acquire gifts for over 120 children during the holiday season. According to her, “In the words of my South African friends and family, ‘even if we only raise $1,000, that will be more than we had yesterday.’ They are convinced that God will build the house. And I’m honored to hold onto their faith with both hands.”

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